Wolf Outdoor Group, Inc.


Welcome to Wolf Outdoor Group

We are a family owned company headquartered in Yreka, California, 20 miles from the Oregon border and in the middle of the Klamath National Forest. In addition, we have a federal firearms licensed premesis a+cross the border in Medford, Oregon. We offer a variety of products for the hunting and shooting sports and specialize in putting together packages of related products to meet your needs. In order to keep our prices and overhead low, we do not carry inventory, but work with distributors who can drop ship products directly to our customers, or you can arrange to pick up from us. Firearms have to be transferred in our office. At this time, we can only sell firearms directly to Oregon residents, but can transfer to dealers in other states and have a dealer we work with in the Yreka Area.

We are in the process of setting up our small machine shop and welding area and look forward to doing custom work in the future, as well as producing a line of target stands. Also, our intention is to start building up some inventory in the next year. In the meantime, we'll keep up on product testing, load development and providing the products our customers want.

In addition to products for sale, we provide product reviews and technical/educational articles. Please feel free to browse our pages and contact us with your needs and any questions you may have.